"As Business Life Group Hotels, our priority is to increase the awareness and recognition of our brand by emphasizing our quality and friendly service to target audiences."

Our Vision

Our main principle is to meet the needs and expectations of our guests and to be a strong and reliable organization with the understanding of continuous improvement.
To invest and grow in Turkey and internationally, to become an 'International Hotel Chain'. All our employees are responsible for ensuring guest satisfaction in quality and service and continuous improvement of our quality.
'Guest Satisfaction' is our most important duty.
To be a brand that all persons/organizations in the tourism sector trust, respect and want to work with while progressing in accordance with today's universal conditions.


Our Mission

To respect the individual, society and law in the tourism sector in which we operate,
To meet the expectations of our guests and employees at the highest level in an environmentally sensitive manner by adhering to economic and ethical principles.
To keep guest satisfaction at the highest level by laying solid foundations for our future.
To maintain efficiency and quality in service.
To continuously improve our quality.
To give importance to the training of our employees.
To follow modern technology.
Taking care to protect the natural environment.